Digital Signage in Transportation

Digital signage is very useful in the transportation business. It helps users to get updates and all.

Digital Signage Display Transportation

Digital signage has numerous uses in the transportation industry, in addition to scheduling. The displays are used for providing information regarding the transportation.

Digital Signage Public Transport

Transportation hubs like train stations, airports, and subways, a public transportation display can help you manage the crowd. Digital signage enables you to receive important notifications and information while ensuring you are on time. It is also beneficial for mass communication in real time.

Digital Signage Transportation Industry

The Digital signage can be very useful for management, scheduling, rescheduling, updates, cancel routes in emergency and many more. Passengers can be updated through display with arrivals, departures, services available in transport hubs and vehicles. It helps you give govt. Guidelines in case of emergency. Digital signage play key role in delivering information in transportation industry.

Key Use Cases

Live Schedule Information

Display arrival, departure and gate information in any transportation hub

Assist Travelers

Show helpful way-finding info or interactive maps, in high-traffic spaces

Communicate Alerts

Inform travelers of up-to-the-minute disruptions or delays in waiting rooms and other common areas

Proximity Marketing

Advertising & Branding promotions at right place, right time

Local Info

Display weather, local news, attractions & events at arrival lounge

In-transit communication

Use on-board digital screens for buses, trains, taxis and planes

Key Benefits

✓ Take advantage of increased advertising revenues, by hosting third-party campaigns

✓ Drive awareness for more local destinations

✓ Increase commuters satisfaction by showcasing travel-oriented services (i.e. on-board Wi-Fi)

✓ Minimize perceived wait times and customer frustration with content that informs, engages and tells a story

✓ Engage travelers with useful travel information & offers, while showing departures, arrivals and delays

✓ Save money and the environment by replacing traditional paper marketing materials

✓ Grab travelers’ attention and increase their interest about the topic shown by 59%

✓ Inspire tourists to share their experiences on social media

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