Digital Signage in Retail Store

It's hard to drag customers in your portal with other competitors. However, retail digital signage solutions can help you attract more customers by showing your products and services.

Digital Screens in Retail

Customers can get more information through digital retail signage and can make firm decisions before buying the products. With our exclusive digital signage solutions for retail, you can boost sales without any upfront investments.

Digital Signage in Retail Store

Retail Digital signage can help retail stores in various ways, as it's very informative. It shows the products plus guide the customer. It can help them find the route to the section where they can buy the product they need, it can help customers with emergency guidelines and security. The basic information like cost, offers, deals, way to washrooms and many more information can be easily delivered to customers using retail signage software.

Retail LED Display

With retail digital signage solutions, you can turn your LED displays into highly effective marketing tools. You can showcase your lates products, advertise offers, and announce latest updates. All you need is EMAA, the best digital signage software for retail stores.

Key Use Cases

Showcase Products

Grab customers’ attention with eMaa’s user-friendly media features

Advertise Special Offers

Advertise time-sensitive special offers on-the-go or using the scheduling feature

Communicate Alerts

Display store hours, company news, events, weather, customized tickets using ready widgets

Customized QR Codes

Redirect your clients to your social media or to unique stories about your products

Product Playlist

Easily upload and stream product stories, brand videos and more to cross-sell

Social Media Widgets

Increase your followers and generate social proof, with just a few clicks

Key Benefits

✓ 80% of brands experienced a significant increase of up to 33% in additional sales through the use of digital signage

✓ Offer a complete customer experience with in-store Digital signage, that will make your store remarkable

✓ Convert window shoppers to actual customers using exterior retail signage or storefront signage

✓ Store Signage in retail may significantly increase traffic and interest

✓ Promoting special offers or up-selling/cross-selling high-margin items could recoup investment money within 7-12 months

✓ Retail signage displays could be an additional revenue stream, advertising third-party brands within your store

✓ Store Digital Displays capture 400% more views than static displays

✓ Remotely manage, localized advertising and marketing activities

Why eMaa?

Easy to Use

User-friendly drag & drop feature creates visually engaging content that spurs sales

Affordable price

Extremely affordable pricing model with a free plan for single-screen usage.

Upload any type of content

Easily upload any image, audio or video format. It also supports Word, PowerPoint and PDF files.


Free pre-configured hardware if you choose an annual plan.

Extreme Security

Enterprise-grade security, including SSL, firewall and password policies.

Remote Support

Get hassle-free troubleshooting with eMaa’s free remote-access tech support.


Digital signage in retail stores has become a necessity of modern times. Having digital signage at your store allows you to stand out and attract customers without any massive upfront investment. Especially when you have EMAA retail signage solutions, your advertising will as effective as never before. EMAA offers a wide range of features customized for retail stores. You can control all your monitors from any device and add interesting features to generate better customer interaction. All this, at highly cost-effective rates, and that's why you need EMAA Digital Retail Signage Solutions.

Digital signage software has several benefits for retail businesses. Top digital signage software like EMAA is exclusively designed for retail stores, and all its features are dedicated to the retail market. With digital signage software, retail businesses can effectively advertise their products and offers without any upfront investment. You can add or remove features from several monitors, easily and remotely using software like EMAA. With digital signage software, you can also create highly interactive features on your signage for better customer engagement. So when you have EMAA retail solutions, the benefits are simply never-ending.

Retail businesses can use digital signage software to control display monitors in the stores easily. You can use the software to showcase products, advertise offers, and communicate notices without any major investments. You can also present exclusive QR codes and social media widgets that customers can access. Overall, digital signage software can be used, mainly to improve customer engagement by providing them a highly modern and advanced interface to browse through various features of the retail store.

When looking for retail digital signage solutions, you need to look for a service provider who offers highly advanced and complete digital signage solutions for retail businesses. Or you can save your time and directly contact EMAA. EMAA offers world-class retail digital signage solutions for various types of retail requirements. The software is highly user-friendly, with easy drag-and-drop options to add, remove, and handle content across all monitors. Secure, easy, and cost-effective, that's what the best retail digital signage solutions must sound like, and that's what EMAA is.

Retail digital signage software is a user-friendly software solution that allows you to connect your signage CMS with the display monitors at your retail business. Top-class software like EMAA offers a wide range of solutions that will make retail digital signage handling as easy as a piece of cake for you. With EMAA, you can add, remove, or configure any content and push it across all the monitors at your retail store, in just a few minutes. And the best part is that you don't need any technical knowledge to use the software. almost anyone can use the software due to its easy drag-and-drop features.

Retail digital signage software can effectively increase sales at your retail store if you use it appropriately. Using digital signage software, you can showcase your products attractively on all screens to generate awareness among customers. You can also advertise offers and discounts on your digital screens, allowing people to see the offers clearly all across the store. You can also install a touchscreen display to push interactive content for better customer engagement. Thus, making the right use of Retail Digital Signage software can help you boost your retail business sales without any major upfront investments.