Free Digital Signage Platform

EMAA is sure a new tech, very useful to grow businesses and also helpful in management but you may be thinking it will cost a lot, but don't worry about its cost as it's free for those who are using public networks. But it's chargeable for private subscription.

Everyone struggles to get customers or grow business but now it's time we get an upgrade. Our promotional strategies with EMAA.

Free Digital Signage Application

Free Digital signage can help you display massages and manage your content.

EMAA offers you reasonable charges on the basis of the number of screens under your account. You can select any number of screens from 2-100 and EMAA will offer you a suitable plan, which is billed monthly.

Free Digital Signage Software

The static posters promotion is old and it's not environment friendly. But when it comes to Digital Signage, these are easy, upgradable, scheduling features and many more plus it's environment friendly. It can help you organize your promotions or screens from anywhere anytime.

Digital Signage Solution Free

EMAA is a new tech software used for broadcasting your promotions as well as managing your own screens from anywhere anytime. It can help you schedule the dates and times to target your audience. EMAA can be used to show emergency announcements also.

Key Use Cases


We understand how important your digital signage is and we stress the reliability of our software. You won’t have to worry about your content not showing up. Your content will continue playing if your Internet goes down.


We are and always will be committed to keeping EMAA Free with all users benefiting from our unique, collaborative, and ever evolving platform!

Content Scheduling

One significant factor that differentiates digital from static signage is its ability to automate the scheduling of content display. The main objective is to deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time.

Digital menu boards

Visually show what’s cooking in your cafeteria or restaurant with our digital menu board Templates. Change prices and menu items in minutes, or show special offerings. Digital menu boards can be scheduled to automatically display any time of the day.

Key Benefits

✓ Content Management: A Digital Signage Software tool will categorize and manage your content according to your convenience and parameters. All modern software tools ensure the optimum utilization of resources. To achieve optimum utilization, you need to categorize and distribute content and task related to them accordingly.

✓ Device Management: When a task involves the use of multiple devices at one go, device management is essential. A Digital Signage Software tool manages devices in such a way that you get the most out of them even by utilizing the least amount of resources.

✓ Engaging Content: For effective results, digital signage solutions provides engaging content. Creating engaging digital signage content can help keep your audience’s attention long enough to consume your message.

✓ Product Placement: This feature is very vital for sales and service establishments. Digital Signage Software tools can very effectively place your products and services within sight of potential customers.

Why eMaa?

Easy to Use

User-friendly drag & drop feature creates visually engaging content that spurs sales

Affordable price

Extremely affordable pricing model with a free plan for single-screen usage.

Upload any type of content

Easily upload any image, audio or video format. It also supports Word, PowerPoint and PDF files.


Free pre-configured hardware if you choose an annual plan.

Extreme Security

Enterprise-grade security, including SSL, firewall and password policies.

Remote Support

Get hassle-free troubleshooting with eMaa’s free remote-access tech support.