Electronic Interactive Signage Software

EMAA is a Digital signage software that manages static and interactive digital displays, helps you target your audience and increases the engagement. It helps you advertise your businesses or products to an audience with simple entertainment.

The visuals are very strong and long lasting memories, so EMAA grants you the power to make advertisements more memorable and strengthen the customer interest, increasing loyalty towards the brand.

These digital signs can be used indoors or outdoors as display techs are upgrading so quickly, EMAA is able to present a better audience experience with different kinds of color, clear & vivid images. The motion graphics or animated signs are more attractive replacing the static signs to gain more attention from the customer.

Touch Screen Digital Signage Software

Entertaining, Inspiring, Informing and Connecting interactive touch screen solutions. The touch screen helps you get more interactive with the products, creates curiosity in users and makes strong memory.

Interactive Digital Signage Software

EMAA is the next level evolution in interactive digital signage era that eases the advertisement with multiple features creating more customer interest.

Touch & Gestures in Interactive Digital Signage

Digital displays are already the attention holders but yes you can make your audience engage with touch screens creating a strong impact.
Audience accessible displays are basically extra features that help the audience to engage themself in the advertisement. There are multiple ideas to grab the attention like communication between audience and system, question answer surveys and entertaining games. This way you help your audience to spend good time with your product, increases brand loyalty.

Digital Signage Player Software

EMAA gives you the freedom over varieties of options in videos, gifs, pngs, animation and many more. This Digital Signage Software is comprised with media players, storage management, displays & contents. It's more powerful than static advertisement and yes it sure comes in recurring cost. It's flexible and upgradeable so you can manage your content all over the world from your fingertips. It has better advertising rate and increases better return on investment in all businesses

What is Smart Signage Software?

The tech era will never stop it's upgradation, helping us to get cheaper and more functional reliable devices giving better service.
Smart signage helps create a conventional viewing experience through realistic and compelling content. Backed by Best-in-class image quality & bringing life to ideas with graphics & animation enables businesses deliver fresh content that informs and entertains as well..

Digital Signage Management System

This platform was created to grow businesses from low scale to high scale, from start-ups to brands. EMAA grants the power of Digital signage to everyone who is ready to advertise.
Any user, with limited IT experience can create, schedule, broadcast and manage Digital signage screens. From any device with online connection you can remotely manage your entire network. It helps you to pre-schedule the content with dates and times or slides to update on specific times automatically.

Key Use Cases


Digital signage is an easy way to inform people with fresh, relevant content whether it’s a company using digital signage for internal communications or a business using it for external communications with customers.

Customers are Free to Help Themselves

Engaged shoppers are more likely to become actual customers. This is why it’s vital for brick-and-mortar businesses to ensure they have a plan in place for providing shoppers with the information they need to feel comfortable making a purchase.

Displays Can be Changed Automatically, Too

By using digital signage software, one of the benefits of digital signage is that you can program your displays to change throughout the day. This isn’t possible with traditional forms of signage – or at least not very convenient.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic digital content has numerous advantages over other forms of advertising. Compared to print, the content creation/distribution process is more rapid and less costly.


Through digital signage you can bring elements of the web, such as social media, into the physical world. Digital signage is also a great tool to provide consistency among your locations.

Easy & professional

Digital Display Signage Software Solutions is very easy and professional way to attract customers and enhance your sale.

Key Benefits

✓ Displays Can Be Changed at a Moment's Notice: With digital signage, displays in numerous stores located throughout the country can all be changed at the same time from one remote location. If a company wants to advertise a new product or announce an upcoming sale, they can create a new ad, confident that it will be deployed across all of their locations at the same time with the exact look they want.

✓ More Attention From Passersby:The benefits of digital signage aren’t limited to the in-store experience, either. Displays can also be used to attract passersby who may otherwise have never entered a brick-and-mortar business. While any type of display may attract attention – traditional signs, product displays, mannequins, etc. – digital signage has a very powerful advantage: it can leverage motion.

✓ Lower Perceived Wait Times: Like many of the other benefits of digital signage, this one offers more than one advantage. Customers are less frustrated with waiting and companies are able to advertise to them, prepare them to place their order, or use the technology in other ways that boost their bottom lines.

✓ Greater Recall and Retention Rates:The goal for many in-store ads is just to get customers to take action right away: place an order, make a purchase, or follow some other kind of direction. However, other times, the goal is to let shoppers know about upcoming events – sales, promotions, in-store appearances, etc.

Why eMaa?

Easy to Use

User-friendly drag & drop feature creates visually engaging content that spurs sales

Affordable price

Extremely affordable pricing model with a free plan for single-screen usage.

Upload any type of content

Easily upload any image, audio or video format. It also supports Word, PowerPoint and PDF files.


Free pre-configured hardware if you choose an annual plan.

Extreme Security

Enterprise-grade security, including SSL, firewall and password policies.

Remote Support

Get hassle-free troubleshooting with eMaa’s free remote-access tech support.