Digital Menu Software for TV

The Digital Menu Software supports smart or android TVs and it saves updated content and sync automatically when you make any changes in it.

Electronic Menu Board software

This software is also known as Digital signage board and is cloud based used in various restaurants and hotels.

Digital Menu Display Software

Every hospitality business wants their customers to be comfortable and enjoy their services, the Digital Menu Display helps you to reach customers with great offers & deals. This creates customer attraction. As every customer loves to try new things, you can introduce your dishes or features on display.
You can do this all with cloud based Digital menu display software that also allows you to do changes, updates, scheduling and much more. With digital signage it's all accessible from anywhere anytime.

Digital Menu Board

As a digital menu board has its way to attract customers with its motion graphics or attentive ads, you can add up your creativity in it. You can schedule deals as per season, and help customers to enjoy each season.
You can connect your social media with the menu board, it can help you reach more popularity and increase trust in a brand. From restaurant menus to deals, offers or social media you can set everything as per your need with EMAA.

Key Use Cases

Dynamic Content

Get Done your dynamic menu boards from our partner company Blue Diamand Production.

Highlight Promotions

Reach your customers by launching and highlighting instant offers and discounts such as "Happy Hours" and "Today's Specials".

Clean & Easy to Read

Neatly organize your menu into color-coded categories. Rotating food images can be added to. This kind of design is great for large menus!

Engage and Entertain your Clients

Simultaneously show entertaining and informational videos like health hygiene best practices, fun facts on food, etc.

News Tickers & Alerts

News and weather updates are made super easy with eMaa’s impressive Widget library. (Coming Soon)

Grow Social Audience

Display social feeds and encourage customers to like & share content which increases the popularity of your business on social media.

Key Benefits

✓ Cost-Effective Menu Board Creation: With a digital menu board, you can simply cut the cost and design your own digital menu boards.

✓ Multiple Marketing Campaigns: Digital signage for restaurants,hotels can run different types of marketing campaigns effortlessly.

✓ Upsell Your Business: Digital signage, can help in upselling your business. This will not only drive more visitors but also increase the sales graph.

✓ Save money and the environment: by no longer using traditional marketing materials, like flyers and posters

✓ Reduce the Wait Time: You can make the waiting time entertaining by including interesting facts about their particular order or other intriguing elements.

✓ Better Order Management: Digital menus get an upper hand over printed menu cards, as the former can be made more dynamic with images and videos of the food.

Why eMaa?

Easy to Use

User-friendly drag & drop feature creates visually engaging content that spurs sales

Affordable price

Extremely affordable pricing model with a free plan for single-screen usage.

Upload any type of content

Easily upload any image, audio or video format. It also supports Word, PowerPoint and PDF files.


Free pre-configured hardware if you choose an annual plan.

Extreme Security

Enterprise-grade security, including SSL, firewall and password policies.

Remote Support

Get hassle-free troubleshooting with eMaa’s free remote-access tech support.