How to Design the Perfect Digital Menu Board – A Guide to Designing Digital Menu Boards.

A well-organized and mouth-watering digital menu board can make a huge difference between great sales and good sales. Digital Menu board allows restaurant and food retailers to move from the traditional static printed menu system to attention-grabbing, vivid and dynamic digital menu board. A digital menu is not helpful unless it has a well-designed and clean layout. Digital menu board has become common in the food industry service. 

The Reason behind the popularity of the digital menu is quite simple. Digital menu board has multiple benefits, which offers boosted sales to both large and small restaurants. Let us have a look at the tips on designing the perfect digital menu board. This tip will help you to upgrade your restaurant to boost sales. 

Tips to Design the Perfect Digital Menu Board

Picking suitable templates and designs for the menu will communicate with your customer about your product and provide your brand visual identity. By incorporating the correct colour, various design elements, and structure in the digital board, you can enhance the readability. 

1. Use columns, rows, and categories to structure your templates.

A clumsy and cluttered menu causes unnecessary noise between your customer and offerings. It should be designed in such a way that the menu seems organised. It should have appropriately structured in old fashion style so that customers can easily read the menu. Inserting categories into the menu will help to sort the food item under one group. Columns and rows will help the customer to read the menu from a distance. 

2. A hierarchy of text is compulsory. 

 The font style of the digital menu boards needs to be customised according to the categories. The heading font should be the largest one, and the Subheading should be the second largest one, and all other fonts will be the third-largest one. Boldness in the font can also create a hierarchy of text. While enumerating the list, you should follow the general rule of thumb of every 10ft of distance. 

3. Don’t overuse images.

Beautiful images grab the customer's attention. Just like the text, you don’t have to follow the rule of thumb. But while using images, keep in mind that inserting too many photos can damage the design. To get appropriate visual balance, insert the pictures to obstruct the information you want to convey. 

4. Your digital menu needs space for breathing.

Making a clumsy and cluttered digital menu card can bring big disappointment to your business. You need to leave space in between the text and images on the menu card. Providing space will make the content visible to food enthusiasts. 


Every industry is accepting digitalisation for optimising sales and increase their customer base. In the food industry, food quality plays an important role, but using digital advancement into the restaurants can optimise the sale unexpectedly. A Digital menu card is one of them. It’s added extra value to the look of the restaurants. Here you came across some of the tips that will help you to design a perfect digital menu card. But taking the help of professionals is always great.