New, Enhanced Workspace Settings & Easy Setup for Screens!

we have some great new features hitting Workspaces with our enhanced Workspace settings! You can set Administrators for Workspaces and Player quotas, which will prove especially useful for clients with larger deployments. But fear not, we also have something new up our sleeve that makes setup a breeze for everyone!

Greater flexibility with enhanced Workspace settings

When you’ve got digital signage screens across many locations, branches or offices, you need flexible roles and permissions. Some organizations want more control, others require more decentralization for their digital signage content management. Workspace roles and permissions get the job done. And that’s precisely why we spruced them up quite a bit with enhanced Workspace settings!

Firstly, Enterprise account owners can now appoint Workspace Admins. That means a user can become an administrator in one or more Workspaces, with across-the-board privileges for each Workspace. Additionally, those same Workspace Admins can have other – different – roles in other Workspaces. And, of course, each Workspace can have more than one administrator.

Furthermore, account administrators now have total control over how many Players get assigned to each Workspace. Specifically, you set a Player limit per Workspace so you can manage the allocation of Players.

Even easier digital signage deployment!

Whether you’re a digital signage newbie or part of a firm’s IT department, setting up digital signage can be frustrating. Tech teams want to minimize time wasted on simple deployments that can be independently carried out by departments. Similarly, new users want to avoid setup snafus.

That’s why we created a great new functionality in the event that screens don’t have assigned content. Instead of getting a rather confusing blank screen, TVs will now display a helpful ‘No content assigned’ message. Additionally, users will see a QR code that will take them to step by step instructions for how to easily assign content to screens. Cool? We think so too, so say goodbye to blank TVs!