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Centralized Digital Billboard Advertising Platform


In this new era of technology, we are introducing the next level advertisement media i.e. cloud based digital signage software known as EMAA.
Posters, Banners are like stone-age but unhealthy for environment. And when it comes to Digital Billboards they are environment friendly and advanced tech. Our cloud based digital signage software connects all billboards to a centralized system known as EMAA, and everything becomes secure & online. Sure still posters, banners are catchy but Billboards grabs the audience attention and stands out to get noticed, and helps increase advertising interactivity with audience.

LEDs Digital Signage Era

GEAR-UP of Digital Signage.

Bigger the LEDs Screens, target more of the audience. Yes, Giant LEDs are the most attraction gaining advertising media. Even after having so many Digital Signage platforms adapted to conventional small screens like TVs, Companies with multiple Giant LEDs puts a lot of money in its management as these platforms are not adapted to Giant LEDs. But it's time this world gear up with EMAA, the best digital display software adapted to all kinds of Digital Billboards or Giant LEDs and this comes just a click away saving your money in management and making it easier, secure and online than this world has ever seen before.



EMAA cloud based digital signage gives a dynamic playlist and helps you not to worry about blank screen, then again you can schedule the playlist at a time, playing the content on time on selected area screens.

Freedom of Collab

Digital Signage content management system also provides content approval getaways for MNCs or startups so they can contribute content without affecting their brand integrity.

Broadcast Scheduling

With EMAA cloud digital signage software, you can Track the location, Target the audience, Set the time and your content is ready to play at schedule time at selected locations, taking care of blank screens or repeated contents.

Digital Menu Board Software

Digital Menus helps you promote your own dishes or products. Restaurants can promote mouth- watering dishes or recipes helps to create cravings in customers to eat the shown dish on screen. Plus, it helps promote discounts & occasional offers on products helping increase the selling in all kinds of hotels, shops and malls. And no need to worry about changes or updates, all you can do is rescheduled the content whenever you want. Small or big the product is, everything you show creates the curiousness in audience and helps you sell more, and all this just on the one and only top digital signage software known as EMAA.

Up-to-Date EMAA

EMAA is the best digital signage software, .centralized and always online, and helps you keep up-to- date all time. Features like broadcast Scheduling, remotely control screens, geo graphically selection of area, proof of play, manual playlist, random playlist and many more available at single platform known as EMAA supporting variety of displays from TVs to Giant LEDs. No matter where you are, you can gain access as per your role as screen owner or content provider anytime anywhere.


Currently, EMAA is the best cloud-based digital signage software due to the wide range of features it provides. Nowadays, signages have become quite advanced, and Emma is the only software that has kept up with advancements to provide unmatched service. EMAA provides superb flexibility over various advertising contents such as videos, gifs, png's, animation, and many more. It has innovative features that will help you increase customer engagement through signage. EMAA allows you to target your desired audience, and you can also control static displays and touch-screen interactive displays.

EMAA is the top digital display signage software that offers a wide range of services at cost- effective rates. With EMAA you can handle a wide range of signage devices like digital displays and touch-screen smart displays. EMAA is a cloud-based software that allows you remotely add and remove features and content from your displays worldwide. With its unique and modern interface, you can add exciting features to signage, allowing you to generate better customer engagement. So if you are looking for the top digital display signage software, EMAA is the best solution for you.

EMAA digital signage software currently offers the most cost-effective services. The software is totally free for Public Network Us, and you won't be charged a dime when you are on a free plan. The pricing system is designed to give customers maximum benefits. There are no service charges, and the pricing is determined according to the maximum number of monitors registered to your account. So you only pay for what you use, and there are no other additional charges.

Digital display signage player is a physical computer that allows you to play your signage content on multiple screens with software. The digital display signage player connects the software with the digital signage CMS so that you can manage and troubleshoot the content on the CMS and then physically distribute the content on your network of signage monitors. In simple words, if you want to control your signage monitors digitally, you need to have both, the digital signage player and the software as well.

Almost anyone who wants to control digital billboards can use digital signage software. Apart from public advertising, digital signage technology is now being used at offices, amusement parks, malls, and other settings. The reason for this wide range of applications is that you don't require any technical knowledge to use the digital billboard signage software. Innovative software like EMAA has a highly user-friendly interface that anyone with basic computer knowledge can master easily.

Having top-class software like EMAA comes with several benefits. Firstly, the interface is so user-friendly that anyone with a basic computer understanding can handle it. With EMAA, you get to handle multiple monitors and touch-screen devices all from one remote device. You can also create highly interactive content to create better customer engagement. You can also manage your digital signage CMS quite easily with EMAA. All this at highly cost-effective rates, the software is almost free, and the pricing is determined based on the number of monitors you register. As you can see, there are several benefits of Cloud-based Digital signage software, if you get reliable software like EMAA.

Digital display software takes away all the hassles of handling and distribution of digital signage content. With just one software, you can connect your signage content CMS and your monitors, and easily manage your content. You can add, remove or troubleshoot directly from one device and distribute the content over several monitors in just a few minutes. This flexibility, combined with the software's internal features allows to you generate better customer interaction. In simple words, if you want your digital billboard advertising to be really successful, you need digital display software.